Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Left attempting to hijack Reagan’s legacy?

When did Ronald Reagan become a liberal icon? President Obama is reading all about him and the media is trying to say that right is trying to co-opt Reagan as an icon. Glenn gave his reaction on radio this morning.

“Listen to Willie L. Brown, former mayor of San Francisco comparing [Obama] to Reagan,” Pat said.

“In reality Barack Obama has always been in his political life an admirer of Ronald Reagan. Many of the qualities that he exhibits are reflective of what Ronald Reagan was really all about. He has not been able to demonstrate those in the first few months of his administration simply because he had such an awesome majority in the Senate and an awesome majority in the House. And this majority was dominated by the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Far beyond what Obama really is. Obama is more like Reagan than he is like anyone else,” Brown said.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! This is insane. This is insane!” Glenn exclaimed.

“Let me tell you something. Ronald Reagan didn’t compromise his values. You can compromise on bills. Not your values. Period. And you know what? You want to say that Barack Obama is like that? Okay, I’ll give you that. He has not once compromised his values. He’s jammed it down your throat. Now, that’s not what Ronald Reagan did. But they don’t compromise. Ronald Reagan was a conservative. Period. He didn’t compromise. He was a staunch anti-communist! He was staunch anti-union!” Glenn said.

The left knows no shame - now they are openly trying to make the case that Barack Obama is more like President Ronald Reagan than anyone else. As Pat Gray put it on radio, that's an insult to the intelligence of every single American - left, right, independent.


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