Friday, January 11, 2013

Gender Equality.

So we all subscribe to Scoop! We all are "repeat offenders" (read "long time residents") But what is the gender breakdown of Scoop viewers and contributors?

That is what we ask today. Most of us know the gender of the "regulars" but I know there are a lot of "lurkers" (People who read, but rarely, if ever post comments.

So I put this little poll together to try and find out the gender breakdown of Scoopers... This poll does not track by IP or use cookies. So voting does not register any info about you at all. It's important to know that.

So, please vote. This is for fun only. I will post the results of this poll on an open tread on TRS when the results are in. If this poll is successful (ie, more than myself votes! LOL!) I might do some more... Question Suggestions MOST WELCOME!!!

If you have any comments you'd like to address to me privately, you can email me at