Friday, March 6, 2009

Hitler Youth! Obama Kids! This is a SPOT THE DIFFERENCE game!!!!

Can YOU spot ANY difference?

Sinister similarities aren't there folks? This video was released in Oct 2008... A prediction... And some of you watching it might have thought... "this is silly, Obama is never that extreme"... Well now...

He's been in office for a bit and the Dow sunk like the Titanic struck by 3 icebergs at once... He's spent more money than any other person on earth throughout ALL history... Not his money... Of course not, he's a damn socialist, he spent YOUR money! And the economy is still sinking... His economic policy is doing what drilling holes in the hull of Titanic ship did to save it from sinking once it hit that iceberg...

Yes we can? Change we can believe in? I don't think so!

What say you?

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