Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glenn Beck: Bashing Gore = killing 1,000 people

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GLENN: Yeah, I've got my beakers and my wife called and I've got my safety glasses on. Well, they are not glasses as much as they are goggles because I think they look really, really cool.
Let's put science back in her rightful place. Take a moment, shall we, and dive into the wonderful world of the blogosphere, not to be confused with the guy who used to be the governor of Illinois.

If you are going to go to a good part of the blogosphere like erotic goods baked chat. We're going to go to a part that is incredibly geeky, to the climate scientists who like to brag about their boring research. Between scientist Roger Pielke, Jr., University of Texas scientist Michael Tobis, it took place in the blogosphere, kind of like a beaker, kind of cool like that. People like me in the lab coats and stuff who like to hang out, pick up chicks. They're everywhere. Of course, none of them really chat with me, but that's a different story. Michael Tobis, University of Texas climate scientist on his blog recently said this about a New York Times columnist who wrote a piece basically bashing both sides for exaggerating the global warming issue that focused on George Will and Al Gore. I don't think his dragging Gore into Will's muck was a minor transgression of a fine point of propriety. I think it was palpably evil. Let's just make sure that you heard that clearly. It's palpably evil to bring Al Gore's name into a criticism of global warming exaggerators. But hang on. He's not through yet. He's appalled that Pielke would equate George Will and the almighty Al Gore. He says, quote: As for the scope of the ethical risk, let's consider the possibility that the behavior of the Times and the Post this year increases the chance of an extreme event with a premature mortality of a billion people by a near part per billion and a percent of a percent and a percent. Oh, I love my beakers. Hang on. Sometimes I just like to hold them. I cuddle with them. This one I've named Ronald, Ronald my friendly beaker. I'm sorry, got to go back to typing. The expected mortality from this is 1,000 people. Is that mortality equivalent to actually killing 1,000 people? It's not all that obvious to me that it isn't.

Wait a minute. So you're saying comparing George Will to Al Gore as somebody who exaggerates about global warming is equivalent to killing 1,000 people? "Yes, pretty much. You like my lab coat?" Scientists believe that saying Al Gore exaggerates is equal to killing 1,000 people. Well, if that is true -- you know what, we should keep track of the Glenn Beck death count because I have a feeling if we counted all the times that I made fun of Al Gore, I might be equal in deaths with Stalin.

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