Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Families launch ad against release of Gitmo terrorist

Military Families Group Launches Ad Against Release of Binyam Mohamed
February 23, 2009 5:28 PM

With a buy it says is in the mid six figure range, the group Military Families United says it will launch a new TV ad, as soon as tomorrow night, on national cable stations.

The add features no spoken words, but rather very spooky music and images of court documents as these words are typed on the screen: "Binyam Mohamed. Enemy Combatant #1458. Alias: Talba al Kini, Fouad Zouaoui, Binyam Ahmed Mohammad, John Samuels.

"Trained in Al-Qaeda camps to use weapons and create explosives. Given money by Al-Qaeda leaders to fly to the United States. Arrested trying to leave Pakistan.

"In February 2009: Enemy Combatant #1458, RELEASED."

The screen goes black.

Then: "Tell the White House: Don't release terrorists. Sign the petition today. www.DontFreeTerrorists.com. Paid for by Military Families United. "

The group has also launched this internet petition.

The White House had no comment, though earlier today, asked for comment on Mohamed's release, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, "the President made a decision at the beginning of his administration to close the facility at Guantanamo Bay and to start a process of evaluating the detainees there in accordance with his solemn obligation to do all that he can to keep our country safe, to do it in a way that protects our men and women in uniform, and does so in accordance with our American values. That process, as you know, is ongoing. In terms of the specifics related to Mr. Mohamed's case, I would point you to the Department of Justice. But the President feels confident that the process that his administration has undertaken will yield results that keep us safer."

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