Monday, January 31, 2011

Figures. Another Violent Leftist… Man Arrested for Explosives Outside Mosque Is Bush-Hating Islamic Convert

The violent crackpot who threatened to explode the Dearbornistan mosque was a leftist too. Just like Jared Loughner. In fact he’s a Bush-hating Islamic convert.

Detroit News reported:

A decorated Army veteran accused of plotting to blow up a Metro Detroit mosque served time in federal prison for threatening to kill President George W. Bush and bomb a Vermont veterans’ clinic in 2002.

Roger Stockham, 63, who flew 600 combat helicopter missions in Vietnam, is behind bars in Michigan after he drove from his home in California last week and parked a car with a trunk full of explosives outside the Islamic Center of America, authorities said.

What a complete shock. Expect not to see any of this reported on the Lamestream Media.

Source: Gatewaypundit

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